Minot's Nikitenko wins NOSA race

Greg Nikitenko made the first ever stop in Jamestown by the NOSA sprint cars one to remember. Nikitenko claimed the NOSA 25-lap feature at the Jamestown Speedway, surviving searing temperatures in the process. Nikitenko and 17 other Northern Outl...

Greg Nikitenko made the first ever stop in Jamestown by the NOSA sprint cars one to remember.

Nikitenko claimed the NOSA 25-lap feature at the Jamestown Speedway, surviving searing temperatures in the process.

Nikitenko and 17 other Northern Outlaw Sprint Association cars were in town for the first time after being rained out last summer.

Nikitenko's NOSA 410 car was among the best all night, taking a heat win before leading for over half of the 25-lap feature.

Nick and Chris Shirek started out front, but it was Lou Kennedy Jr., who seized the early lead from his No. 5 starting spot.


It took little time for Nikitenko to move into second, and by the eighth lap had Kennedy Jr. in his sights.

After initially taking the lead on lap 8 -- only to have that one wiped out by a caution -- Nikitenko went ahead for good one lap later, surging past Kennedy Jr.

The pack got two more chances at the Minot driver with yellows on laps 14 and 19.

Kennedy Jr. was the only driver to really challenge either time, but was unable to get the lead.

Nikitenko took the checkered flag followed by Kennedy Jr., Wade Nygaard, Chris Shirek and Casey Mack in the top five.

Rusty Kollman was not to be denied in the Street Stocks feature.

Kollman started seventh, but the majority of the race belonged to Brett McIlonie.

The Pingree driver took the lead right from the start and stayed there until the very end.


Nic Klein, Barrett Berg, Kelley Hagel and Spencer Johnson raced near the front, but it was Kollman constantly on the come.

Weaving through traffic, Kollman got past Klein for second on lap 16, setting his sights on McIlonie.

McIlonie continued to lead until the white flag lap when Kollman -- the season points leader -- wrestled away the top spot and held it for the final go around.

McIlonie settled for second with Klein, Johnson and Berg ending 3-4-5.

Tyler Michel captured his first Bomber feature win in dominating fashion.

Starting in front, the Jamestown driver zipped to the lead right off the bat and never looked back, taking the caution-free 15-lapper in wire-to-wire fashion.

Justin Schempp was in Michel's rear-view mirror for all 15, but could never gain the advantage. Schempp finished second. Clay Houchin, Joie Pfaff and Dustin Erickson crossed 3-4-5.

With the Midwest Mods and regular Mods not in action, the Road Hogs ran heat races and a feature.


The format was a little different, but the end result was not as Glenn and Grant Christenson sailed to their third straight feature win.

Races begin at 6 p.m. Saturday night in conjunction with the Stutsman County Fair.

NOSA Sprints

Feature: 1, Greg Nikitenko; 2, Lou Kennedy Jr.; 3, Wade Nygaard; 4, Chris Shirek; 5, Casey Mack; 6, Scott Butz; 7, Todd Mickelson; 8, Shane Roemeling; 8, Nick Shirek; 9, Tyler Monson; 10, Brandon Wilde; 11, Kevin Ingle; 12, Tom Cummings; 13, Mike Sitzman Jr.; 14, Bob Martin; 15, Thomas Kennedy; 16, Ryan Flaten; 17, Stan Mayer.

Heat 1: 1, N.Shirek; 2, Ingle; 3, Wilde; 4, Cummings; 5, Mickelson; 6, Mack.

Heat 2: 1, C.Shirek; 2, Kennedy Jr.; 3, Sitzman Jr.; 4, Monson; 5, T.Kennedy; 6, Flaten.

Heat 3: 1, Nikitenko; 2, Martin; 3, Butz; 4, Nygaard; 5, Roemeling; 6, Mayer.

Wissota Street Stocks


Feature: 1, Rusty Kollman; 2, Brett McIlonie; 3, Nic Klein; 4, Spencer Johnson; 5, Barrett Berg; 6, Kelly Hagel; 7, Scott Bintz; 8, Billie Christ; 9, Jason Weigel; 10, Casey Stangeland; 11, Luke Nelson; 12, Cammy Ost.

Heat 1: 1, Berg; 2, Klein; 3, Nelson; 4, McIlonie; 5, Christ; 6, Bintz.

Heat 2: 1, Kollman; 2, Johnson; 3, Hagel; 4, Ost; 5, Stangeland; 6, Weigel.


Feature: 1, Tyler Michel; 2, Justin Schempp; 3, Clay Houchin; 4, Joie Pfaff; 5, Dustin Erickson; 6, Landon Becker; 7, Paul Wanzek; 8, Ryan Carr; 9, Matt Gumke; 10, Ryan Kleinknecht; 11, Leann Christensen; 12, Nate Jenrich; 13, Shawn Becker; 14, Jake Emo; 15, Donnie Martin; 16, Paul Kirkeide; 17, Taylor Weight; 18, Caley Babcock; 19, Charlie Carr; 20, Mark Berg.

Heat 1: 1, Houchin; 2, L.Becker; 3, Kirkeide; 4, Berg; 5, Gumke; 6, Travis Aljets; 7, Martin.

Heat 2: 1, Schempp; 2, Michel; 3, Erickson; 4, S.Becker; 5, Christensen; 6, Ross Bollingberg; 7, John Vanbruggen.

Heat 3: 1, Babcock; 2, Pfaff; 3, Weight; 4, Jenrich; 5, Tracy Voightman; 7, Bryan Wolf; 8, William Ahrendt.


Heat 4: 1, R.Carr; 2, C.Carr; 3, Wanzek; 4, Kleinknecht; 5, Emo; 6, Devin Christ.

Consi: 1, Christensen; 2, Gumke; 3, Emo; 4, Martin; 5, Voightman; 6, Bollingberg; 7, Wolf; 8, Christ; 9, Ahrendt; 10, Aljets.

Road Hogs: 1, Glenn Christenson and Grant Christenson; 2, Chase Biel and Seth Schulz; 3, Chris Gusiaas and Brandon Gusiaas; 4, Dane Bollingberg and Tyler Thoms; 5, Travis Edinger and Travis Ganser; 6, Brian Beckley and Bryant Stangeland; 7, David Stoppleworth and Dan Albrecht; 8, Preston Carr and Ben Beach; 9, Chris Scouten and Shawn Leavey; 10, Kyle Braaten and Tyler Ingebretson; 11, Brandon Guthmiller and Randy Gordon; 12, Mike Bear and Kelly Gordon; 13, Chad Roemmich and Austin Gahner; 14, Kyle Rzaszutak and Kyle Erdman.

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