North Dakota State Hospital utilizes COVID grant money

The North Dakota State Hospital Governing Board reviewed expenditures of a federal grant for COVID related expenses.

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The North Dakota State Hospital Governing Board reviewed spending of $3.4 million in federal coronavirus funding the facility has received Monday during its regular meeting.

The money must be spent by the end of June and can be used for improvements to the facility related to dealing with COVID-19 and to cover losses in revenue during the pandemic, said Rosalie Etherington, superintendent of the State Hospital.

Facility spending included adding ionizers and cleaning the ductwork in the hospital to improve air quality. Updates to countertops and floor coverings in the hospital's laboratory were also part of the facility upgrades that amounted to nearly $1 million.

The remaining $2.5 million of the grant was used by the State Hospital to cover losses in revenue caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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