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Authorities hopeful missing remains found in Red River provide answers in 20-year-old cold case

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WARREN, Minn. -- A medical examiner is working to identify human remains found along the Red River over the weekend.

Meanwhile, authorities are looking to see if this is a break in a 20-year-old cold case.

Two fishermen found the remains along the red river just south of Oslo Saturday afternoon.  A skull and other bones, along with clothing, were found.  The site is 20 miles from where a woman disappeared two decades ago.

Police believe 40 year old Veronica Safranski was murdered after she left a Halloween party in downtown Warren.

"I'm not going to say I'm optimisitic yet, I dont want to jump the gun, we've had other cases, we've brought several bones, other things over the past 20 years, we've brought to the medical examiner to be checked out, checked over," says Jason Boman of the Marshall County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff hopes to have some definitive answers in a few days.