Coaches and extracurricular activity directors will receive a per diem while traveling after a decision by the Jamestown Public School Board.

The decision at the board's meeting Monday evening was a contested one with both sides debating whether to vote on the motion made at the last meeting right away.

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The motion, made by Tanya Ostlie, vice president of the board, was to pay per diem for overnight travel and for the additional funding not to be taken out of the activity budget. Administrators, board members and teachers in the district already receive a per diem during overnight travel.

Superintendent Bob Toso said the money would have to be taken out of the activity budget and the budget would have to be increased to allow for the funding, which is about $12,000.

"I don't think we're ready to make this decision tonight," said board member Gail Martin. "I don't understand why this is an issue now."

The per diem will not go into effect until the start of the next school year, and Martin said she wanted to see more information and address the issue when working on the budget.

Shelly Jystad, board member, said she receives a per diem when attending state school board conferences and that it's not right when others don't.

"I am uncomfortable receiving the reimbursement when others are not," Jystad said.

The vote passed 5-3 with board members Scott Walch, Roy Musland, Heidi Larson, and Jystad and Ostlie in favor and board members Gary Peterson, Rosemary McDougall and Martin opposed.

Board president Greg Allen was absent due to personal reasons.

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