FARGO — During August, sunflowers blossom and create Instagram-worthy backdrops. Many photographers — amateurs and pros — take advantage of the state's natural beauty to capture beautiful images.

And despite the coronavirus, people can still travel a short distance or make a day-trip to many fields around the state. The North Dakota Department of Tourism published sunflower field maps showcasing the various spots many people have visited. The map is updated weekly as the sunflower fields grow and change.

According to the department of tourism, North Dakota is the second-largest sunflower producer with 38% of the nation's sunflowers in 2019. Byproducts of the plant, such as sunflower oil or seeds, are produced in the state, making North Dakota the United States' No. 1 producer of sunflower seeds.

There are other popular North Dakota crops, such as flax, which turns blueish-purple when in bloom, and canola, which turns yellow.

These crops aren’t hard to find, growing in large swatches alongside the state’s highways and byways. Sunflowers have a peak growing season that varies, but most have at least 10% bloom in early August. Close to Fargo, Mapleton's sunflower field is currently at 60% bloom, so the next few weeks could be the perfect time to capture a sunset, sunflower photo.

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