Sex offender relocates in Stutsman County

The Sheriff's Office releases the new address for a high risk sex offender.

Mihulka, Jeremiah

The Stutsman County Sheriff's Office has announced that a convicted high-risk sex offender has changed his address in Stutsman County.

Jeremiah Mihulka moved to 3450 82nd Ave SE. No vehicle was listed.

Mihulka is described as a 41-year-old 5 foot 10 inch male, with blue eyes and brown or shaved hair.

Mihulka was convicted in 2001 in Burleigh County. Authorities said he was found in bed with a 9-year-old girl who said he had put his hands in her pants.

In 1998, he admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old girl in a motel in Dickinson.


Mihulka is under a lifetime sex offender registration and is classified as a high risk offender.

He is not wanted by law enforcement. For more information on sex offenders, go to

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