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Last days of missing MN couple left tantalizing clues in 1993 ND disappearance

In the latest episode of investigative true crime podcast Dakota Spotlight, James Wolner and Jeremy Fugleberg explore what led up to those last fateful days for Kristin Diede and Bob Anderson, before the two disappeared from a small North Dakota town in mid-August 1993.

Kristin Diede, who went missing on Aug. 15, 1993, is pictured here on a missing poster later placed around town by friends in Bloomington, Minnesota
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A lot was changing for Kristin Diede in August 1993.

A native of Wishek, North Dakota, she had separated from her husband, Clyde Diede. He had been charged and convicted with domestic assault against her, and faced some time in jail and a two-year no-contact order to keep him away from Kristin.

Bob Anderson, pictured in a missing poster created by friends after he went missing in August 1993.
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Now, she was headed back to North Dakota from her home in Minnesota, accompanied by her boyfriend Bob Anderson, on the last trip they would make before vanishing into thin air, on Aug. 15, 1993 .

Those last few days of Kristin Diede and Bob Anderson are the focus of a new episode of the latest season of Dakota Spotlight, an investigative true crime podcast from Forum Communications: "Vanishing Act: The Untold Story of Kristin Diede and Bob Anderson."
The podcast's live investigation into this missing-persons case spanned North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.


In the latest episode of Dakota Spotlight, the podcast explores what led up to those last fateful days for Kristin and Bob, before the two disappeared from Wishek.

Inside episode 2, 'Last Days'

Kristin was separated from her husband, but she wasn't alone. She had made new friends. There were two strong, independent women who lived in her apartment building in Bloomington, Minnesota, where she had moved with Clyde. And there was a new man in her life: Bob.

The couple had met at a bar, and quickly hit it off. Both her neighbor friends liked Bob, and liked who Kristin was with Bob. "Like peanut butter and jelly," is how one of Kristin's friend described them.

Bob decided to join Kristin as she returned to her hometown of Wishek, North Dakota, to retrieve some important items from under the nose of family members. The trip turned sour when the two ended up in a confrontation with Kristin's husband, Clyde, over their children, Mitchel and Deanna.

The conflict drove Kristin to seek help from law enforcement in Wishek, then make a presumed final phone call from the Diede farm to one of her friends in Minnesota — the last person known to have spoken to her before she vanished.

New people you'll meet in this episode

  • Tiffany: A neighbor of Kristin Diede in Bloomington, Minnesota. She and friend Heather befriended Kristin. Tiffany was the last person Kristin was known to have called before vanishing with her boyfriend, Bob.
  • Heather: A neighbor of Kristin in Bloomington, Minnesota. She and a friend, Tiffany, befriended Kristin, helped coax her out of her shell after her marriage to Clyde had collapsed, and were the first to report her missing to law enforcement.
  • Clyde: Kristin's estranged husband. They had married in 1983 and had two kids together, Mitchell and Deanna, ages 9 and 6, respectively, when Kristin vanished in August 1993. Three months prior, Clyde had been convicted of a 5th-degree domestic assault against Kristin, and had been issued a two-year no-contact order to keep him away from her.
  • Sandra: Kristin's sister. Sandra saw Kristin and spoke with her at their brother Larry's place before Sandra and other members of Kristin's immediate family left for a trip to Idaho on Saturday, Aug. 14, 1993 — the day before Kristin vanished.
  • Susan: Former executive director of Cornerstone, a domestic violence shelter in Minnesota, where Kristin sought help. Susan has been a steadfast advocate for Kristin's case.
  • Travis: Nephew of Kristin. He has made it his mission to better understand what might have happened to his aunt and her boyfriend in 1993.
  • Wes: Retired trooper of the North Dakota Highway Patrol, stationed in Wishek, North Dakota, on Aug. 15, 1993. Kristin and Bob visited Wes on that day, the day they disappeared, to ask about legal issues regarding Kristin, Clyde and their children before leaving for the Diede farm.

People met in previous episodes

  • Chase: Son of Bob Anderson. Chase had long been told his dad had abandoned him, and had lived a troubled life with addiction and prison time. He later found out his dad actually hadn't abandoned him, but had instead vanished in 1993 and authorities believed he had been murdered.
  • Dan: Dan was a reporter at WCCO television in Minneapolis in 1995. He flew to Wishek, North Dakota, to pursue the missing persons case, was met with hostility from the Diede family and believes he was followed around town and back to the town's airstrip. He remains haunted by the experience.

About Dakota Spotlight, Season Six: 'Vanishing Act: The Untold Story of Kristin Diede and Bob Anderson'

In this season of Dakota Spotlight, the podcast tackles a live, multi-part investigation that spans multiple states including Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, with the hosts trying to figure out what happened to Kristin Anderson and Bob Anderson, who vanished in North Dakota on Aug. 15, 1993.

The duo works with Kristin and Bob's family members and friends to untangle why they went to North Dakota, what exactly took place on Aug. 15, 1993 — the last day they were seen and why the couple has never been found.


The investigation reveals the painful holes ripped through people's lives when their loved ones disappear without a trace. The mystery of Diede and Anderson's disappearance continues to haunt many whose lives they touched.

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James Wolner is a Digital Content Producer at Forum Communications Company, Fargo North Dakota and the creator, producer and host of Dakota Spotlight, a true crime podcast. He has lived the Upper Midwest since 2013 and studied photojournalism at California State University at Fresno. He is fluent in English and Swedish.
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