Some residents in northeast Jamestown are receiving their household water through above-ground pipes rather than the traditional buried variety for the next couple of months, according to Travis Dillman, city engineer for Interstate Engineering.

A $1.7 million project is replacing water mains from 2nd Street Northeast to 4th Street Northeast between 10th Avenue and 12th Avenue Northeast. The project replaces old lines that had been prone to leaks in the past.

No estimate of the number of homes in the area was available.

The water main replacement is being done by the "pipe bursting method," Dillman said. In this process, a device breaks and expands the existing pipe which is then replaced with a new pipe. The process does not require an open trench the length of the water main but does utilize small pits dug in the ground for workers to access the waterline with the equipment.

Scherbenske Inc. is the primary contractor with additional work done by subcontractors specializing in pipe bursting technology.

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While the work is being done, temporary water mains have been placed in the streets with connecting lines to the homes in the area. It is anticipated water will be delivered to the homes in this manner for about two months during the work on the underground water lines, Dillman said.

"People need to take typical safety precautions in the area," he said. "We ask all residents to be cautious in work areas to protect the safety of all workers and the public. Use alternative routes if possible."