One of the traffic signals that failed on Labor Day will likely not be operational for another week, according to Travis Dillman, city engineer for Interstate Engineering.

Two traffic signals failed in Jamestown during the storm on Labor Day afternoon.

The signal at the intersection of 7th Avenue and 10th Street Southeast has been returned to service while the signal at the top of Mill Hill at the intersection of 17th Street Southwest and U.S. Highway 281 will remain out of service until possibly next week. Signs creating a temporary four-way stop have been placed at that intersection.

Dillman said parts from both units have been set in for analysis. If testing indicates the traffic signals failed due to a lightning strike or other storm-related cause, the cost of repairs would be covered by the city's insurance.

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If the cause of the failure is not storm related, the city would need to cover the cost. Repairs to the signals at 10th Street Southeast were estimated at less than $2,000 while costs to repair the signals at the top of Mill Hill have not been established.