Trautner wins Modifieds feature

Mark Trautner picked up another feature victory on Saturday at the Jamestown Speedway. The Mahnomen, Minn., driver, a regular at the track, ran to another checkered flag in the Wissota Modifieds. Matt Sheesley, meanwhile, had another interesting ...

Mark Trautner picked up another feature victory on Saturday at the Jamestown Speedway.

The Mahnomen, Minn., driver, a regular at the track, ran to another checkered flag in the Wissota Modifieds.

Matt Sheesley, meanwhile, had another interesting night at the track. The Rapid City, S.D., driver, was back for a second straight week after suffering mechanical difficulties the previous week and opened on the pole for the feature after a third-place finish in his heat.

Sheesley grabbed the early lead and ran at the point for the first three laps before Trautner and Grimes got around him and moved to the front.

The caution flag flew on lap 10 for Sheesley, whose car had stopped in turn 3. Before the race could resume, Jerry Lamb's car suffered mechanical problems and had to be towed into the pits.


Trautner, Grimes and Randy Tarno were 1-2-3 on the restart. Tarno and John Corell made a move around Grimes as the leaders exited turn 2 on the restart. Alex Engelstad and Leo Burkhardsmeier got by Grimes on the next lap before Corey Stangeland went off turn 1, bringing the yellow flag back out.

Trautner, Tarno and Corell were in front when the green flag flew. On the 13th lap, Corell bumped Tarno in turn 1, spinning him and causing another caution. Jamie Trautner spun in turn 4 on the restart.

Trautner went on to take the checkered flag, followed by Tarno, Engelstad, Burkhardsmeier and Grimes.

A rollover on the first lap opened the Wissota Street Stocks feature.

Kevin Babcock's car spun and was hit by two other cars as it went off the track. The car rolled on the backside of turn 2 and suffered minor damage. Babcock was uninjured.

Polesitter Casey Stangeland spun on the second try at an opening lap, sending him to the back of the field.

Luke Nelson and Chris Michaelsohn moved up to the front, and Michaelsohn grabbed the lead with Nelson and Rusty Kollman running 2-3. Kelly Hagel had moved into third by the second lap.

After the rough start, the race ran green the rest of the way. Michaelsohn claimed his first feature win, with Nelson second, followed by Hagel and Dave Rohweder.


Derek Bernstein grabbed the lead from Eric Edwards on the second lap of the Wissota Midwest Modifieds feature and went on to victory.

Rusty Kollman momentarily grabbed the lead on the fourth lap, but Bernstein regained the point the next trip around the track.

A Ryan Mikkelson spin brought out the yellow flag on lap 9. Josh Eberhardt was called for causing a caution on the next lap. Kollman survived the restarts and went on to win, followed by Bernstein, Edwards, Jim Theis and Jim Morlock.

Tracy Voightman was the early Bombers leader, but Mark Berg grabbed the lead on the fourth circuit and held off several challengers to get the win. Berg survived a pair of yellows along the way.

Ryan Carr, who had to qualify via the consi, had surged from his 19th starting position to sixth by the halfway point and went on to finish second, followed by Nate Jenrich, Charlie Carr and Paul Wanzek.

Kyle Braaten and Tyler Ingebretson won the first of two Road Hog races after the original winners were declared illegal. Glenn and Grant Christenson won the second race.

The Fireworks Spectacular will begin at 7 p.m. on Wednesday night with all regular classes running. The NOSA Sprint Car special is set for Saturday night.

Jamestown Speedway


Saturday's results

Wissota Modifieds

Feature: 1, Mark Trautner; 2, Randy Tarno; 3, Alex Engelstad; 4, Leo Burkhardsmeier; 5, Jason Grimes; 6, Corey Seckerson; 7, Matt Sheesley; 8, Tony Leiker; 9, John Corell; 10, Bob Sagen.

Heat 1: 1, Jerry Lamb; 2, Dwight Wegner; 3, Seckerson; 4, Engelstad; 5, Corey Stangeland.

Heat 2: 1, Sagen; 2, Burkhardsmeier; 3, Sheesley; 4, Greseth; 5, Eric Edwards.

Heat 3: 1, M.Trautner; 2, Grimes; 3, Tarno; 4, Corell; 5, Jamie Trautner.

Wissota Street Stocks

Feature: 1, Chris Michaelsohn; 2, Luke Nelson; 3, Kelly Hagel; 4, Dave Rohweder; 5, Rusty Kollman; 6, Jason Babcock; 7, Spencer Johnson; 8, Billie Christ; 9, Barrett Berg; 10, Dusty Peterson.


Heat 1: 1, Nelson; 2, Casey Stangeland; 3, Rohweder; 4, Brett McIlonie; 5, Johnson.

Heat 2: 1, Hagel; 2, Berg; 3, J.Babcock; 4, Peterson; 5, Jason Weigel.

Heat 3: 1, Kollman; 2, Michaelsohn; 3, Christ; 4, Scott Bintz; 5, Cammy Ost.

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1, Rusty Kollman; 2, Derek Bernstein; 3, Eric Edwards; 4, Jerry Theis; 5, Jim Morlock; 6, Steve Ost; 7, Jeremy Forester; 8, Ryan Fike; 9, Ryan Lehr; 10, Kevin Bliese.

Heat 1: 1, Theis; 2, Ryan Mikkelson; 3, Kollman; 4, Morlock; 5, Lehr.

Heat 2: 1, Bernstein; 2, Ost; 3, Edwards; 4, Fike; 5, Dave Peterson.

Heat 3: 1, Josh Eberhardt; 2, Brent Perleberg; 3, Forester; 4, John Clemens; 5, Troy Freadrich.



Feature: 1, Mark Berg; 2, Ryan Carr; 3, Nate Jenrich; 4, Charlie Carr; 5, Paul Wanzek; 6, Tracy Voightman; 7, Landon Becker; 8, Leann Christensen; 9, Matt Gumke; 10, Joie Pfaff.

Heat 1: 1, Nate Keena; 2, Tyler Michel; 3, J.Pfaff; 4, Ryan Kleinknecht; 5, Shawn Becker.

Heat 2: 1, Wanzek; 2, Christensen; 3, Gumke; 4, Jake Emo; 5, Tyler Pfaff.

Heat 3: 1, Jenrich; 2, C.Carr; 3, Justin Schempp; 4, Devin Christ; 5, Clay Houchin.

Heat 4: 1, Berg; 2, Voightman; 3, Paul Kirkeide; 4, Caley Babcock; 5, R.Carr.

Consi: 1, Donnie Martin; 2, L.Becker; 3, R.Carr; 4, S.Becker; 5, Dustin Erickson.

Road Hogs


Race 1: 1, Kyle Braaten/Tyler Ingebretson; 2, David Stoppleworth/Dan Albrecht; 3, CJ Stoudt/Cedric Treevithek; 4, Preston Carr/Brian Beckley; 5, Chris Scouten/Shawn Leavey.

Race 2: 1, Glenn Christenson/Grant Christenson; 2, Ryan Widmer/Shane Roemmich; 3, Travis Edinger/Travis Ganser; 4, Chris Gussiaas/Brandon Gussiaas; 5, Brandon Guthmiller/Randy Gordon.

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