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County Commission upholds grievance committee decision on Kapp

The Stutsman County Commission had a full meeting room Tuesday as it considered an appeal by Elizabeth Kapp on the decisions made by the county Grievance Committee earlier this month. The Commission upheld the Grievance Committee's decisions. Chris Olson | The Sun

The Stutsman County Commission upheld the county Grievance Committee’s decision Tuesday to terminate Elizabeth Kapp from the Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office

Before a crowded meeting room of Kapp supporters, the commission approved two resolutions -- the first stating there were reasonable grounds to support one or more of the allegations against Kapp, and the second to support if the sustained allegations warranted the negative personnel section by the department head, in this case Sheriff Chad Kaiser.

The votes to approve both motions were 4-1 with Commissioner Dale Marks opposed. Marks did not comment on why he voted against the motions.

After the commission made its decision, five people were scheduled to speak on the agenda about Kapp’s grievance -- Tim Greshik, Barb Johnson, Nellie Degen, Duane Johnson and Linda Perleberg. All five spoke in support of reinstating Kapp to her former position of sergeant with the Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office.

Barb Johnson advocated changing the county’s personnel policy to allow more input from both sides in the grievance process. Duane Johnson said he thinks the county’s taxpayers will ultimately pay a hefty bill because of the existing grievance process in this matter.

Degen said the county has a lot of great law enforcement personnel and Kapp was one of them.

“I say to her, as a private citizen, ‘thank you very much,’” Degen said to Kapp, who was in the audience at the county meeting.