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Streeter area damaged by wind

Severe thunderstorm winds uprooted trees and damaged homes in Streeter, N.D., Thursday night, according to Margaret Williams, a resident of the community.

“It’s quite a mess,” she said. “Lots of tree damage. Bigger branches broken, evergreens uprooted, even broken evergreens.”

The wind also destroyed the roof of the garage behind Streeter Grocery, said Michelle Larson, owner of the grocery store.

“It lifted the roof off my garage out back,” Larson said. “It ended up on top of the store roof.”

Larson said the wind also took out some windows in the store, although she hadn’t had time to try to estimate the damage.

“The whole town is a mess,” she said. “We’ve had people volunteering with payloaders and semis hauling out whole evergreens.”

Williams said the wind also took out some power lines.

“Some streets you couldn’t get through at noon,” she said.

The National Weather Service reported the storm struck at 2:34 a.m. with winds estimated at 70 mph, according to Ken Simiko, meteorologist with the NWS in Bismarck.

The damage was likely caused by straight-line winds, although the analysis was not complete, he said.

Reports from Medina indicated 65 mph winds that lasted about 5 minutes at the same time as the Streeter storm.