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Change of location, rain give vendors a challenge in Fargo Street Fair

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FARGO — Vendors throughout the Fargo Street Fair have mixed views on the new setup.

The fair, that runs through Saturday, July 21, in recent years went down Broadway, but this year is in more of an L-Shape from Broadway and rounding the corner to Fourth Avenue North.

While some vendors on Broadway are a bit more accepting, some on Fourth Avenue North are not pleased with the change.

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"I don't like the layout. I'm a shopper. I like to go in and out of the stores and the customers that I've had this morning do not like the layout. They want to be able to go into those stores and shop up and down Broadway and the restaurants and the bars, they don't like it and neither do I," said Stacy Haverland, who has her booth on Fourth Avenue.

Haverland has brought her business — Wire, Paper, Scissors — to this event for 22 years.

"Why wouldn't they showcase their artists? That would be up and down Broadway. That's the most beautiful part of downtown Fargo so why wouldn't we do it there?"

Georgia Rick, owner of The Doll's Clothes Rack, has her business on Broadway, but still had an issue with how far it is because of her ability to walk long distances.

"I don't like it because I was close to the parking lot down there [at her old spot on Broadway]. I had to walk four blocks after I parked to get up here. I really liked that end of town because I can't walk very far so I'm not very thrilled about this setup," Rick said.

One thing all vendors can agree on is the hope for sunnier weather, even though the rainy weather hasn't deterred too many from visiting the Street Fair.

"The outcome is going to be really hard to tell with the rain. Rain kills us. Today is our biggest day, what we don't make today, we can't make up tomorrow," Rick said.

Abby Lingle of Abby Lingle Pottery still has some hope.

"The rain is not great, but it's the chance you take on outdoor events and hopefully people will come the next two days with good weather," Lingle said.

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