Over the entire period of record, back to 1881, the average date of the final subzero temperature of the winter season is March 10. Since 1980, the past 40 years, the average date of the last subzero temperature has shifted to March 3. Last year, it happened on March 11. In fact, the low temperature was below zero eight of the first eleven days in March last year, including an impressive 20 below zero March 3.

Last year, instead of steadily melting snow as has happened this year, our snowpack was being added to considerably during March, reaching an astounding average depth of 25 inches March 10. With so much freshly fallen snow covering the ground, it was easy for the temperatures to drop below zero at night. Of the 20 years since 2000, there has been at least one subzero temperature in March during all but four of those years.

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