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Strand slings to third Stampede title

Dustin Strand (71) and Jeremy Keller (11) battle for the lead during the IMCA modified feature Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Photo courtesy of Speedway Shots1 / 2
WISSOTA national point leader, Don Shaw, raced to his first career Stock Car Stampede win Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Photo courtesy of Speedway Shots2 / 2

The 46th edition of the Stock Car Stampede concluded Saturday afternoon at Jamestown Speedway with a near-capacity crowd on hand.

Coming into the night, Dustin Strand had won the previous two Stampede championships in the late model division. By the end of the night he added a third Stampede win to his already impressive résumé, but it came behind the wheel of his IMCA modified.

The original 62-car field of IMCA modifieds were whittled down to the fastest 24 for the 30-lap main event. Strand started fifth on the grid, but quickly worked his way forward. After moving into second on Lap 5, Strand drove by Robert Hellebust of Minot for the lead on Lap 12.

Strand ran relatively unchallenged in the lead until 14th-place starter, Jeremy Keller of Mandan, charged up to second to place a bid for the lead.

"I was running really well around the bottom and it's really tough to change lanes when you're leading," said Strand after the race. "I never actually saw Keller, but I knew he was coming so I figured I had to do something."

Don Shaw of Ham Lake, Minn. picked up another key win in his quest for the WISSOTA late model national championship. Shaw maneuvered by Cole Schill of Horace to take the lead on Lap 8 of 30 in the late model feature.

Once out front, Shaw set sail and checked out from the rest of the field.

"This was a good one to win," said Shaw in victory lane. "I've never won the Stampede before so we can check that one of my list now. The track rubbered up a little bit towards the end, but the car worked well and we were able to get it done."

Royce Jawaski of Adrian scored the WISSOTA street stock feature for his third Stampede victory. Jawaski held off his nephew, Bob Banish Jr., by a mere half-car length at the checkers. Banish Jr. gave Jawaski a tap to his rear bumper heading into Turn 3 on the final lap, but Jawaski stayed cool under pressure to take the win.

"The Stampede is all about the prestige and it's always nice to win at home," said Jawaski in victory lane.

Jawaski's last Stampede win came in 2014.

The first-ever IMCA sportmod Stock Car Stampede feature went to Robby Rosselli of Minot. Rosselli took the lead after making a three-wide pass to drive from third to first in one corner. In the closing laps, Rosselli had his hands full with Fargo's Kelly Jacobson.

Jacobson closed the gap to within a car length as the white flag flew, but Rosselli was able to fend him off to take the win.

Brock Gronwold of Fergus Falls, Minn. led wire-to-wire to win the WISSOTA midwest modified feature. The win marks Gronwold's second Stampede title and first since 2008. The hard charger of the race was Jamestown's Jeff Schwind Jr., who drove from 21st to fifth.

Fifteen year old Tim Estenson of Fargo won the first-ever INEX legends feature at the Stock Car Stampede. Estenson led every trip around the high-banked quarter-mile clay oval en route to his 23rd overall win of 2017.

Wyatt Rath-Wald started third to win the pure stock feature. Jacoby Traut and Connor McLachhlan were victorious in slingshot action.

46th annual Stock Car Stampede

Jamestown Speedway

WISSOTA Late Models

Feature: 1. Don Shaw; 2. Dustin Strand; 3. Chad Becker; 4. Zach Naastad; 5. Cole Schill; 6. Brad Seng; 7. Ryan Mikkelson; 8. Eric Edwards; 9. Ryan Corbett; 10. Steffen Snare; 11. Jeff Hapala; 12. Paul Mueller; 13. Steve Anderson; 14. Joey Pederson; 15. Richard Thomas; 16. Erik Robertson; 17. Travis Robertson; 18. Hank Berry; 19. Lyndon Bolt (DNF); 20. Cody Storbakken (DNF); 21. Dylan Barnhardt (DNF); 22. Dusty Peterson (DNF); 23. Kevin Robertson (DNF); 24. Robby Rosselli (DNF); 25. Scott Bintz (DNF).

IMCA Modifieds

Feature: 1. Dustin Strand; 2. Jeremy Keller; 3. Jason Grimes; 4. Robert Hellebust; 5. Josh Eberhardt; 6. Cody Peterson; 7. Travis Hagen; 8. Tracy Domagala; 9. Dale Mathison; 10. Hank Berry; 11. Donald Robinson; 12. Michael Johnson; 13. Dallas Rice; 14. Ryan Schroeder; 15. Tyler Hall; 16. Travis Olheiser (DNF); 17. Trent Grager (DNF); 18. Dave Shipley (DNF); 19. Casey Skyberg (DNF); 20. Jarrett Carter (DNF); 21. Rusty Kollman (DNF); 22. John Corell (DNF); 23. Mike Greseth (DNF). DNS: Eric Edwards.

WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: 1. Royce Jawaski; 2. Robert Banish Jr.; 3. Dustin Erickson; 4. Jonny Carter; 5. Hunter Carter; 6. Billie Christ; 7. John Weber; 8. Rory Opp; 9. Kendall Booke; 10. Kasey Ussatis; 11. Matthew Lesmeister]; 12. Justin Schempp; 13. Mike Thorpe; 14. Kyle Zittleman; 15. Zach Frederick; 16. Steven Richards; 17. Christopher Ritter; 18. Jay Schlotfeldt; 19. Geoff Hellman (DNF): 20. Aaron Blacklance (DNF); 21. Chris Michaelsohn (DNF); 22. Duffy Froemke (DNF); 23. Kyle Anderson (DNF); 24. Jeff Vogel (DNF).

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1. Brock Gronwold; 2. Zach Reinke; 3. Ryan Lehr; 4. Tyler Peterson; 5. Jeff Schwind Jr.; 6. Jason Grimes; 7. Ryan Schroeder; 8. Jason Thoms; 9. Nate Reinke; 10. Joey Rowell; 11. Jess Brekke; 12. Zach Dockter; 13. Royce Jawaski; 14. Dylan Goplen; 15. Andrew Kapp; 16. Brennon Weight; 17. Lucas Rodin; 18. Jay Sahr; 19. Jason Schuh; 20. Jamie Dietzler; 21. Scott Bintz; 22. Joseph Thomas; 23. Jim Morlock; 24. Dylan Zabel.

IMCA Sportmods

Feature: 1. Robby Rosselli; 2. Kelly Jacobson; 3. Scott Jacobson; 4. Chad Strachen; 5. Kelly Henderson; 6. Jesse Skalicky; 7. Chris VanMil; 8. Shane Williams; 9. Luke Krogh; 10. Kevin Eklund; 11. Dylan Barnhardt; 12. Charles Jensen; 13. Kreig Kasin; 14. Dan Evert; 15. Philip Keller; 16. Brock Theis; 17. Billy Michaelsohn; 18. Cole Lewis (DNF). DNS: Nick Thoreson.


Feature: 1. Wyatt Rath-Wald; 2. John Gartner Jr.; 3. Cory Rodin; 4. Curt Michaelsohn; 5. Billy Carow; 6. Jason Miller; 7. Kasey Ussatis; 8. Dylan Sandberg; 9. Lane Stoppleworth; 10. Carl Johanson; 11. Daniel Muske; 12. Kyle Elsen; 13. Ashley Wampler; 14. Travis Edinger; 15. Keith McCleary; 16. Erik Busche; 17. Brandon Michel; 18. John Heacox; 19. Karlie Hoerner; 20. Ferlin Sheridan; 21. Josh Allocco; 22. Brent Vetter (DNF); 23. Clay Gentzkow (DNF); 24. Corey Jacobson (DNF).

INEX Legends

Feature: 1. Tim Estenson; 3. Dylan Johnson; 3. Drew Papke; 4. Steven Kuntz; 5. Sean Johnson; 6. Preston Martin 7. Donavin Wiest; 8. Troy Hoff; 9. Warren Ropp; 10. Dauntae Martin; 11. Brian Hanson; 12. Scott Richardson 13. Austin Wiest; 14. Brody Carlsrud; 15. Tony Brockhouse; 16. Travis Marin; 17. Jordan Zillmer; 18. Kevin Jensen; 19. Blaise Deckert; 20. Shane Williams (DNF); 21. John Sommerfeld (DNF); 22. Andrew Sommerfeld (DNF); 23. Ivan Sailer (DNF); 24. Cole Stevens (DNF).

All Star Slingshots

Feature: 1. Connor McLachlan; 2. Brodee Eckerdt; 3. Noah Nathe; 4. Cole Babcock; 5. Ryan Erdahl; 6. Andrea Edinger.

Junior Slingshots

Feature: 1. Jacoby Traut; 2. Gavin Edinger; 3. Joseph Banish; 4. Jaidyn Edinger; 5. Kyler Perkins. DNS: Jordan Johnson, Reez Eckerdt.