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Letter to the editor: Area really speaks to thriving community

I’d like to thank the hard-working individuals who saw the value in building a new community center in Jamestown.

The Two Rivers Activity Center (TRAC) is something special for the Jamestown community. I became a member immediately, and it’s a great place to swim, work out and play basketball and tennis.

When I moved here five years ago, one of the knocks about Jamestown was that it seemed old with archaic, utilitarian buildings.

But as you drive up the hill on Third Street past one of the state’s nicest campuses in the University of Jamestown, you notice new apartment buildings, the incredible Harold Newman Arena, a good-looking and updated high school, and of course, TRAC — another gem for the city of Jamestown.

It’s an area that really speaks to a thriving community. So whether it’s leadership within the University of Jamestown or those that took on the mantle of Jamestown High School or TRAC, please thank them for their excellent service to our community.

Though cumbersome and not without sacrifice, projects like these are driving forces for any thriving community.