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USA Today pages end today in Sun print edition

Rob Keller, publisher of the Jamestown Sun.

Starting Monday, Oct. 23, The Jamestown Sun will no longer have the USA Today pages in the daily printed edition. The foundation of any printed newspaper in communities our size is to focus on local news, features and sports. By having our newspaper at an industry standard for the percent of news and advertising being carried, plus an annual contract for having USA Today pages, the combination reduced the amount of local news we prefer to carry in our newspaper. Readers didn’t like the change in our printed edition. You told us that you prefer local news to USA Today.

Subscribers who enjoy USA Today will continue to have that news available to them in the digital version of the newspaper. At least 12 USA Today pages are available each day in the digital version; two pages were included in the print version of The Sun.

Our media is unique in that we have a large audience that reads our printed version daily, and we have a growing audience which reads our product digitally.

We are using our website to bring you the news as it happens. Our goal is not to eliminate print, but rather merge print and digital, and continue to be the trusted local source for information.

If you are a paid subscriber to our newspaper, you also can sign up for an email update that notifies you daily by 3:30 a.m. to read the digital version of our newspaper. You can read the paper on your smartphone, iPad or desktop, or simply wait for it to be delivered to the front doorsteps of your home.

There will also be some exciting digital changes coming down the pipeline within the next several months. These upcoming changes will provide you with a better reading experience and keep The Jamestown Sun as your local news source for many generations to come.