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Barn destroyed, animals lost in fire near Jud

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Two Jamestown Rural firefighters work the scene of a barn fire Friday in southern Stutsman County west of Millarton. John M. Steiner / The Sun2 / 2

A Jud-area family lost some animals and a pole barn to a fire Friday afternoon.

The Stutsman County Communications Center sent the Jamestown Rural Fire Department to the barn fire at 1:16 p.m. Friday. The barn fire happened at 5249 75th Ave. SE, Jud.

Charles Block and his family live at the address and rent the farmhouse and outbuildings. He said he and his wife were working in Jamestown when the fire happened.

“Two of our kids were at home, thank God,” he said. “A local hunter stopped by the house and said there was smoke coming out of the back of the barn.”

Block said his children called 911 and reported the fire and then called their parents. He said the children then went to the end of the driveway and waited by the road. No people were injured from the fire.

Block said the family runs a small hobby farm on the property and they lost a couple of pigs, a couple of ducks, chickens and two cats. He said he wasn’t sure if the pole barn would be replaced.

“We’ve been an all-natural, open-range farm,” he said. “The pole barn is where we housed the babies (piglets) in the winter, spring and fall.”

Block said he kept the piglets away from the adult pigs until the piglets become big enough to withstand getting knocked around or stepped on by the bigger adult pigs.

Ben Maulding, Jamestown Rural Fire Department fire chief, said the department sent 12 firefighters and five units to the fire. He said the Gackle Fire Department ran the water supply for the fire. The fire was under control within two hours, and the JRFD units were back at the fire station by 5 p.m.

Maulding said the barn was a complete loss and the cause of the fire was unknown as of Friday evening.