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Port: Kennedy denying that he resigned is all about money

UND President Mark Kennedy in his Twamley Hall office. File photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Late last week North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott sent a letter to embattled UND President Mark Kennedy accepting his tacit resignation.

Kennedy had, earlier in the week, sent the campus what sure seemed like a definitive resignation letter, and Hagerott chose to view it that way.

But yesterday the Grand Forks Herald reported that Kennedy disputed Hagerott’s interpretation. “This letter confirms that I have not resigned my position as the president of the University of North Dakota,” Kennedy wrote. “If I were to resign at some point in the future, I will provide you with written notice of my resignation.”

What’s going on?

The simple answer is that Kennedy doesn’t have the job in Colorado yet. He was announced as the sole finalist for the job – a guest on my podcast today says that decision was about exploiting Colorado’s open records law so that other applicants for the position can remain a secret – but he’s just that.

A finalist.

One facing protests and push back.

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