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Bill Morehouse
Quieter weekend after winter storm
Thu Mar 30 17:33:57 EDT 2023
The winter storm will bring rain, freezing rain, and snow to the region Friday. Winds will be blustery as well as this system passes through. 

Some places in eastern South Dakota could end up with upwards of 10 inches while Minnesota could see a large swath of 2-6 inches with some areas picking up even more. Sunday will feature a wide range of temperatures. 

Snow for Wisconsin with quiet weather for the rest
Fri Mar 24 19:05:24 EDT 2023
We'll close out this work week with a little milder air and less wind. I'm seeing a few gusts here and there into the lower teens, but most of the region will have some lighter wind speeds all day Friday.

Temperatures will climb into the 50s in southern South Dakota. The rest of the region will hit the mid to upper 30s and then some 40s to the south. Overall, I'm seeing a fairly quiet and mild close to this work week.

Snow again this weekend
Fri Mar 10 14:32:38 EST 2023
After a couple rounds of snow early this week we are tracking yet another system to bring snow to the Dakotas, Minnesota, and more of the region. Moderate to even periods of heavy snow along a warm front will move through North Dakota and into Minnesota on Saturday.

A sunny Saturday followed by a snowy Sunday
Fri Mar 03 09:42:55 EST 2023
The overcast skies continue into Friday evening but besides that conditions remain quiet. Saturday finally brings back the sunshine for most of us, with highs in the 20s and 30s. Going into Sunday we turn our attention to a system bringing in snow and breezy conditions throughout the Dakotas and Minnesota.

Sun and warmer temperatures return
Thu Feb 23 16:34:49 EST 2023
After this weeks winter storm, we get a much needed break from the crazy weather. Friday will bring a quick moving system into southern Minnesota and Wisconsin but nothing near as intense as the storm we just had. Besides that temperatures will be very cold Friday with some areas staying below zero the entire day. Heading into Saturday we look at a lot more sunshine in the region. By Sunday temperatures warm up even more with a lot of places having highs in the 20s.

Lighter winds and mild temperatures this weekend
Fri Feb 10 10:00:35 EST 2023
Temperatures will start to warm again for nearly the entire region. I'm seeing just slight breezes here and there, but Saturday is generally looking to be a great winter day in terms of weather. I'm seeing more sunshine than clouds with most of the area reaching near or above freezing. This weekend will feature dry conditions and above seasonal average temperatures.

Cold slides away from the region
Thu Feb 02 16:00:00 EST 2023
The cold snap lingers to finish out this work week. The warmer air will slowly move into the region in the western side of the Dakotas. Winds will pick up out of the south, but won't help draw in the milder air for the rest of us until Saturday.

Tracking the return of frigid air
Thu Jan 26 15:32:33 EST 2023
By the later half of Friday we'll be on the tail end of the fast moving clipper that passed through the region. Winds will stay breezy for most of Minnesota and parts of the Red River Valley throughout the day on Friday. Cold air makes a return this weekend and looks to last for a while.

Cloudy skies for the weekend
Thu Jan 19 15:00:00 EST 2023
This weekend brings cloudy and quiet conditions to the region. Starting Friday conditions are cloudy with light winds, a big chance of pace for areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin after the mid-week snow storm.

Heading into Saturday and Sunday, temperatures will be fairly consistent in the 20s.

Quiet January weather this weekend
Thu Jan 05 15:00:00 EST 2023
We'll close out this work week on a cool note, but it won't be bitter cold or all that windy. Expect a cold start to Saturday. Winds don't look all that impressive on Sunday and most the area will feature light breezes here and there with a few gusts into the teens throughout the day.