The public is invited to observe the morning dancing ritual of the sharp-tailed grouse on the prairies on Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge. The active grouse "lek" or "dancing grounds," allow visitors to experience a “Ritual of Spring”.

The active grouse “lek” or “dancing grounds” allow visitors to experience the dancing action from just a few feet away. The refuge offers two observation blinds for a close-up viewing opportunity of the annual ritual that typically occurs from mid-March through May.

Early morning offers the optimum viewing time, but grouse dancing can occur in the evening prior to sunset.

Birding Drives Dakota, the Refuge Friends Group and Arrowwood constructed the mobile blinds to optimize the viewing experience in relative comfort on brisk mornings but dressing for cooler weather is still recommended. The blinds are designed with the photographer in mind and offer completely adjustable camera ports to view and photograph the grouse from a variety of angles.

Viewing from the observation blinds is free and available by reservation. For more information, call the refuge at (701) 285-3341 and leave a message. Refuge staff will call to establish your reservation.