GLEN ULLIN, N.D. -- In this week’s segment of North Dakota Outdoors Mike Anderson takes us to a small town in western North Dakota where the Game and Fish Department’s Save Our Lakes program is creating an urban fishery.

A 4-foot-deep 20-acre pond on the outskirts of Glen Ullin received a facelift earlier this fall, and now will be able to support a fishery year-round.

“Right around 300 feet of shoreline that we're going to reshape slope back so it has better access and also remove some sediment from the lake," says Scott Elstad, North Dakota Game and Fish Department aquatic habitat supervisor. "But if we deepen up these areas, we can get, you know, 12 feet of depth and the fish will be more likely survive all summer long and even into the winter.”

Velva and Washburn also added urban fisheries this year.

For a list of all the urban fisheries in North Dakota, visit the Game and Fish Department’s website.