Albert Reeb

Albert Reeb, 96, of Jamestown, ND passed away peacefully in his home June 19th, 2020.

Albert Reeb was born August 30th, 1923 in Dodge North Dakota. His parents, Jacob & Pauline Reeb, had immigrated to The United States from Romania seeking freedom and land to farm. They landed on Ellis Island and quickly started a new life in North Dakota.

Albert was one of 9 children that worked on the farm. A simple, but peaceful life that so many yearned for during this period. Days were filled with chores and labor all while lacking simple comforts like shoes, but all the siblings including Albert spoke of the time in a wondrous manner. The children would share beds and live in a home that when viewed years later was astonishing to ponder how a family of 11 could fit in such a small space.

Albert would leave Dodge, ND in 1940 joining the Civil Conservation Corps where he worked on various projects including the early construction works that would later become the Garrison Dam. He worked in the CCC until February 1944. Then the European issues that Jacob his father tried to avoid caught up to the Reeb family. Albert and his brothers would join the fight in Europe and become soldiers in WWII. He was drafted into the US Navy in 1944. Speaking about it, years later, the brothers all viewed it as their duty and the task was taken on without a moment of hesitation. Albert would be stationed in Seattle until he was discharged in 1946. Thankfully he avoided an invasion plan of Japan due to the use of the atomic bomb. Like all wars there are causalities and Reeb family was not immune. Albert’s brother, Otto, would spend the rest of his life in a VA hospital due to what is now known as PTSD. This causality would lead Albert down the path of volunteering at the Veterans Affairs up until his late 70’s.

Albert would return to North Dakota after the war. He worked numerous jobs, until he moved to Jamestown, ND in 1957 where started work at the North Dakota State Hospital as a nurse’s assistant, doing so for 32 years and retiring in 1989. Shortly after moving to Jamestown in 1961 he would marry the love of life Joan Rice. Albert and Joan would have 3 children, James, Pauline and Jacob. Prior to his marriage to Joan, Albert had his first child, Betty. Joan had a child as well, Roxanne. He loved all his 5 children. Giving them the guidance, wisdom and laughter needed in every situation.

Albert loved talking to people, sharing stories and giving advice. You would frequently see him sitting at a bench talking to strangers and making those strangers, friends. He was a wiz at cribbage, playing with his family and friends beating them soundly on numerous occasions. Albert and Joan would polka dance to any type of music, embarrassing his children which we knew he enjoyed. As previously stated, he also volunteered at the VA for most of his life.

Albert is survived by his wife Joan (Jamestown, ND), his daughters Betty (Kulm, ND), Roxanne (Ron) Bessemer, Michigan and Pauline (Al) Huron, SD, his sons James (Melissa) Warner, SD and Jacob (Christy) Victoria MN and his numerous grand and great grandchildren. Albert was preceded in death by his parents, Jacob & Pauline, his brothers, Oscar, Otto, Carl, Paul and Emil and his sisters, Emily, Hilda and Freida. In lieu of donations, flowers and other gifts the family simply asks that you take time to love, laugh, polka dance and enjoy time with your loved ones, time will pass by fast.

Albert’s smile and his love will be missed, but his wisdom and spirit will be endless.

Visitation: 11:00 a.m., to 1:00 p.m., Monday, June 22, 2020 at Eddy Funeral Home, Jamestown.

Funeral Service: 1:00 p.m., Monday, June 22, 2020 at Eddy Funeral Home, with Pastor Bryce Tahran officiating.

Burial: 6:00 p.m., Monday, June 22, 2020 at Highland Home Cemetery, Jamestown, North Dakota.

Arrangements are in the care of Eddy Funeral Home.

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