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Hauser: Powered by purpose, directed by faith

Jon Hauser, religion columnist

Seventeen years ago my wife, Teri, and I quit our jobs, sold our home in Blaine, Minn., and moved to Fargo-Moorhead to pursue a dream God planted in our hearts. We were happy and comfortable in Blaine; living the American dream. We both grew up in economically very "humble" families and here we were, living in the suburbs of the Twin Cities as homeowners, raising our son, while living close to family and friends.

Thankfully, God disrupted our dream and shared with us his dream; to start a new church in Fargo-Moorhead, called Prairie Heights, which would be bold, adventurous and attempt the unexpected in order to connect those apart from God with Christ and a church family. In some ways it was a large risk and yet an even bigger risk was living our lives controlled by fear, self-doubt, and lack of faith. Deep within our souls we believed and still believe we were conceived and prepared, by God, for this moment and place in time.

As we dreamt about the future of this church and met people interested in being a part, we stated a goal of someday being the premier organization in the Red River Valley at training Godly, effective leaders. The further one grows as a leader, both in impact and responsibility, leadership becomes a deeply spiritual endeavor. To separate leadership from faith is impossible to do. A leader must recognize and be committed to being a great follower, for we are all following someone or something. To ignore the source of our followership is to ignore the heart of leadership: Where am I truly taking those who are following me? And why am I taking them there?

Prairie Heights is not the premier organization in the Red River Valley at training leaders yet, but on May 5, we took another significant step towards that goal as we hosted the 2017 Leadercast Simulcast. Over 200 leaders throughout our region came together and learned further how to be "Powered by Purpose." We had an amazing, impactful time together.

Molly Fletcher gave a powerful presentation on #fearless living and invited us to complete the sentence "I will be more fearless by..."

Here are some responses:

"Celebrating mistakes and sharing the lessons learned."

"Understanding my purpose and moving forward with clear intention."

"Stomping out insecurities and taking chances."

"Facing bad attitudes head-on before it spreads."

"Volunteering to do jobs/tasks outside my comfort zone."

All of the responses came from presentations throughout the day. This was confirmation positive leadership growth happened in participants throughout the room. Teri and I lived our purpose on May 5. Now that makes for a great day.

God bless you. See you next Sunday.

Hauser is founding and senior pastor, Prairie Heights of Fargo Moorhead. Email