MINOT, N.D. — At the end of a contentions special session, a Republican lawmaker from Rogers, North Dakota, went on a Bismarck talk radio show and took a call from someone who asked if the political climate is right for gun violence.

"I got a question for you guys. Everybody's blowin' smoke up everybody's skirt and doing this and doing that. You all talk big. What in the hell are we supposed to do with the mess we got from North Dakota all the way to the top? Washington, D.C.?" the caller to the Nov. 12 episode of the KFYR Kafe show, hosted by Todd Mitchell, asked. "What are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to pick up a gun and go? Give me some insight."

Shockingly, the lawmaker, Rep. Cole Christensen, first elected to District 24 in 2020, didn't immediately say no.

"I find myself asking kind of the same question, where do we go from here?" he said. "I have to continually submit myself to God and ask that he give me guidance."

To his credit, what Christensen urged was involvement. Build relationships with local officials. Go to meetings. Get involved. But he also didn't exactly rule out violence.

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"You need to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario, and then you need to do everything you can so that it doesn't get there," he said. "Because I don't want there to be times of conflict even though it looks like with all the worldly powers there might be."

"It is our God-given duty to fight tyranny, and so that falls on everyone's shoulders. It's not just the select few. I think everyone is finally realizing we can't just keep passing the buck to the next guy. It has to fall on your shoulders to get involved. So that doesn't mean taking up arms yet. We're not to that point in history. But there are certain lines that when they're crossed it may come to that point," he continued.

After Christen spoke another guest on the show, Bismarck-based activist Cody Schuh, talked about how important it was for every American to prepare for violence immediately.

Listening to that audio, which I found by way of a recent guest post on my blog authored by conservative activist Dustin Gawrylow, I was chilled.

I called Christensen to ask him about the segment. "Obviously when people are riled up you want to get to their level and say 'I'm with you,'" he told me. "I wanted to make him feel like I knew where he was coming from."


"I'm trying to explain to them that we still have a lot of things we can do before getting to that point. The last thing we need is people thinking that's the only answer," he continued.

I asked him if he felt it was appropriate to be talking about firearms as a solution to political questions, especially in the deeply divided political times we're living in.

"That's not really how I meant to come across," Christensen told me. "It's difficult when you're put on the spot like that to know the perfect thing to say."

"The Second Amendment is the last defense against liberty," he added.

Does Christensen feel like citizens arming themselves is a possibility?

"As a top priority, probably not," he said. "I'm as big of a Second Amendment advocate as anyone else ... as far as my priorities go, it's not the top of my list."

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