Bender fails to understand abortion is a human rights issue

There is no moral argument to justify abortion except in the extremely rare cases where the very life of the woman is in danger.

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Pastor Tom Eckstein, Concordia Lutheran Church, Jamestown.
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I am responding to “Conservatives block solutions to unwanted pregnancies” by Tony Bender in the March 2 edition of The Jamestown Sun. Bender is concerned that pro-life Christians want to force their views of abortion on others. What Bender fails to understand is that abortion is not merely a religious issue but a human rights issue. People of various religions and even atheists agree we should have laws against murder, rape, racism, theft, etc. Also, Bender admits that abortion would be a moral evil if the child in the womb is actually a human being, so he goes on to suggest that it is merely a “religious argument” whether a child in the womb is actually a human being or not. How should we respond to this?

Science shows that at conception the DNA of a unique human being exists and all that is needed is time for that human being to develop until she is born, after which she will continue to need constant care while she continues to develop for years. A child in the womb is as much a human being as he or she is after he or she is born! If parents hired someone to kill their 1-month-old girl because they didn’t want her, we’d demand laws against such evil. Yet it is legal for parents to hire someone to dismember their child in the womb.

Bender then goes on to argue for legalized abortion by informing us that it “costs $235,000 to raise a child to the age of 17.” Doesn’t Bender realize that for those who can’t afford to raise a child, adoption is always an option? Bender then suggests that those who are pro-life should provide resources to help parents keep their children. I guess Bender is clueless about the millions of pro-life people who do just that.

For example, in Fargo we have the Women’s Care Center which helps women in a crisis pregnancy so they can keep their child or place the child for adoption. Then there’s the organization known as Let Them Live which raises thousands of dollars to help women who can’t afford to raise their children. There are many other pro-life organizations like this all across the United States! In contrast, I don’t know of one abortion facility that gives thousands of dollars to a woman to help her keep her child. But these same abortion facilities are more than happy to take money from women in order to dismember their child in the womb.

The fact is that there is no moral argument to justify abortion except in the extremely rare cases where the very life of the woman is in danger – and in these cases the child’s life usually can’t be saved anyway. But to kill a child in the womb simply because he or she is not wanted or because he or she has a disability is simply evil.


The good news is that there is forgiveness for the sin of abortion through faith in Jesus, God’s eternal Son who shed His blood in our place of judgment. Those burdened with guilt over the sin of abortion can receive forgiveness through faith in Christ and then be set free to be voices for life in our culture of death.

Eckstein lives in Jamestown and is pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church.

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