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Commentary: When voters say 'no' public officials should listen

A visual imagination of the proposed LAARC facility in Devils Lake Image via public presentation

One of the most aggravating tactics local officials use against taxpayers is putting controversial spending proposals on the ballot over and over again.

Case in point, last night the citizens of Devils Lake rejected a proposal to institute a half-cent sales tax for a massive 70,000 square foot, $19.5 million recreation center. This thing is so large that every one of Devils Lake’s 7,300 citizens could stand in it and have about 10 square feet of space to themselves.

Voters in Devils Lake rejected this project before back in 2014, and last night despite a survey from project designer JLG architects from supporters showing 70 percent approval for the project, it was shot down in a lopsided 766 to 444 vote.

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