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Port: Proposed ballot measure would block Legislature’s ability to amend part of North Dakota’s constitution dealing with ballot measure

We live in a very populist era, but the the proposal detailed below may be the very peak of populist stupidity.

According to a release from Secretary of State Al Jaeger’s office, a group of citizens has filed for review a proposed ballot measure to amend the state constitution in a way that would prohibit the Legislature from amending the part of the constitution dealing with ballot measures.

Our system of government is built on the idea of checks and balances. What the sponsoring committee behind this amendment wants is no checks or balances on simple majority votes of the electorate.

Because we all know that the voting public infallible and never makes mistakes because they’re apathetic or voting randomly or poorly informed.

The chairman of the sponsoring committee is Dustin Gawrylow, who has been active in state politics in various ways for some time. There are some other recognizable names behind the proposed amendment as well, including Bismarck businessman and former Republican U.S. Senate candidate Gary Emineth, former Democratic Agriculture Commissoner Sarah Vogel, and Duane Sand, who has campaigned as a Republican for various public offices.

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