Collegiate athletics are an enormous distraction from the core academic mission of America’s universities.

At a time when the affordability of getting a higher education degree is a major problem for millions upon millions of Americans, athletic programs make the cost of operating public universities more expensive for taxpayers and the cost of attending more expensive for students.

As a case in point, consider this Fargo Forum article from reporter Jeff Kolpack which was published over the weekend. The headline is, “Bison Inc.: At NDSU, a growing athletic department makes the budget work on a yearly basis.”

The “Inc” part of the headline makes it seem like North Dakota State University athletics are operated like a business – in fact, the graphics in the article were branded with the phrase “the business of NDSU athletics” – but they’re really not. While the athletic department may find a way to make ends meet every month, they balance their budget on the backs of taxpayers and students.

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