This morning a reader calls my attention to a story out of San Francisco detailing a decision by the city’s Board of Supervisors to brand the National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorist organization.” The board also wants the city to stop dealing with any business or organization which has a relationship with the NRA.

It was a unanimous vote, too. Not a single person on the board apparently had any reservations about doing this.

Innovation is not something you typically think of when it comes to the tedious, bureaucracy-addled machinations of government, but you really do have to admire the capacity politicians have to find new and intriguing ways of being stupid.

My correspondent was insulted by the board’s choice of words. “Evidently, some in our society think it opportune to relax the definition of ‘terrorist’ to include any group, foreign or domestic, whose policies with which a segment of our population does not agree, regardless of whether the group incites violence or revolution,” he wrote to me, reacting to the story.

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