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Bravo to break in the weather


The Jamestown Sun hands out these bravos this week: ►Bravo to the break in subzero weather this week. Temperatures have risen this week well above zero several days, providing a welcome break from the bitter wind chills that started the week.

►Bravo to George Nygaard, 108-year-old North Dakota native who is the oldest man living in Norway. Nygaard was born in Benson County and has lived for decades in Norway.

►Bravo to the person who contacted the Williston (N.D.) Police Department to report concerns about the welfare of two children. A video and photo posted to Facebook on Jan. 12 appeared to show two children with an adult out in the cold weather with no coats, hats or gloves, but police didn’t learn about the potential issue until about 25 minutes after the posting. The video went viral. Police advise that if people have a concern about child neglect, abuse or endangerment, they should contact police immediately. They said the children shown in the video are safe.

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