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What We Think: Kourajian’s service touched many

Charlie Kourajian’s retirement from the Jamestown City Council in 2016 was called the “end of an era” by one of his fellow council members. At the time, he had served 40 years of the past 42 years as either a city councilman or mayor of Jamestown. Kourajian, who died May 19 at age 87, lived a life of service to others.

Kourajian’s time at City Hall was just part of what made him so important to Jamestown.

He served on numerous boards and committees, providing his time and expertise to causes big and small in the community.

Some things he just handled himself. For years, he organized the flag-burning ceremony at Fort Seward where the Scouts properly disposed of old American flags.

And every Fourth of July, he organized the bicycle parade for the kids down First Avenue.

These things - and so many others - he helped with because he liked working with people. He wanted their lives to be good. He cared about how they were doing.

“I will miss that,” he told a reporter from The Jamestown Sun at his last meeting as a city councilman. “A lot of people would call with a problem and I would help them out, if possible.”

When people waited in the cold on the sidewalk for a bus, he worked with others to get a bus depot so they had somewhere warm and safe to wait. That was “Mr. Jamestown.”

Anyone reading Kourajian’s obituary would learn about the numerous organizations and causes he helped during his lifetime. And about some of those other things he did: watering flowers, hanging Christmas lights, volunteering at the Recycling Center. No work too big or small.

A life of service is what Kourajian gave. His community is grateful. He will be missed.