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Bravo to participants in 4-H, Open Class

The Jamestown Sun hands out these bravos this week:

*Bravo to the Jamestown Amateur Radio Club WØFX for taking part in the national Amateur Radio Field Day exercise. Amateur radio serves an important function during serious weather events, with operators calling in funnel cloud sightings, washed out roads, precipitation levels or other key information.

*Bravo to Sykeston, N.D., which is celebrating its 135th anniversary this weekend. Activities including a parade, street dance, meals, school tours and more are being offered during the celebration. The town holds an all-school reunion every five years.

*Bravo to participants in the 4-H and Open Class events at the Stutsman County Fair. The participation is one of the essential elements to the success of the fair each year. And it’s an opportunity to see the talents of all ages in our community.