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Recycling program moves forward with location change

Recycling in Jamestown has taken another step forward with the new location for the recycling program operator. That's not only good for the business, but also good for Jamestown.

The new recycling center, the former Coca-Cola plant here in Jamestown, offers the company more space to collect, sort and process materials that will be sent on for a second useful life rather than filling the Jamestown landfill.

It also offers the recycling public a larger and more convenient area to drop off items that aren't being collected by the residential collection trucks. As an added bonus, the area is heated.

In the near future, sorting staff will be added to the center bringing additional jobs to the community.

Folks in Jamestown also seem to be taking advantage of residential collection of recyclables. Ralph Friebel, owner of Recycling Center of North Dakota, estimates between 60 percent and 70 percent are currently participating.

Over the past year, recycling in Jamestown has taken great leaps forward, but there is still room to grow.

The added convenience of residential collection of recycling should hopefully lead to near 100 percent participation. The expanded recycling center will allow the Recycling Center of North Dakota to offer services in other area communities.

Both are positive steps for the world and for our community.