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Vote today

Today is Election Day, and it's time to cast your ballot if you haven't already done so.

Four state measures will be decided today: whether to legalize recreational marijuana, create an ethics commission, specify that only a U.S. citizen may vote in elections and whether voluntary emergency responders should have free license plates.

Voters will also choose candidates in contested races for federal, state and local offices: U.S Senate and House and state offices including ag commissioner, attorney general, tax commissioner, secretary of state and Public Service Commission.

Locally, voters will decide whether to approve a 50-cent increase to fund 911 services in Stutsman County. They will also choose three people for Stutsman County Commission and a sheriff, and some will choose their District 29 Senate and House lawmakers.

The negative tone in the election process in some races and ballot measures is not new. It has become expected but is no less tiresome. Now it's time to weigh in. Voters will make their choices, ultimately sifting through fact and rhetoric to decide who best represents them and what laws should be approved - or not.

Today is the day to make those choices if you haven't already.

Vote today.