The citywide residential curbside cleanup starts on Monday, May 13, in Jamestown, and it’s a nice perk for residents. Take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of some items that you don’t want – and to get some, if you like to “shop” the bargains.

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Crews will start picking up items early Monday in the southeast part of the city. From there, crews move to the southwest on Tuesday, northwest on Wednesday and northeast on Thursday.

Each year, there are usually some problems with people putting items on the boulevard instead of the street. Help the crews do their job - put items close to the curb or shoulder on the street.

It’s pretty common that people also set out items that crews will not pick up. Crews will not take your electronics or appliances such as TVs, computers, air conditioners, microwaves, stoves or dishwashers. They won’t take vehicles, paints and primers, power lawn mowers or regular garbage.

But they will take many other things, such as branches, household items, small scale building and landscaping debris, tubs, doors, fencing and carpeting.

Information on what will be picked up and what won’t be picked up can be found at the water department at City Hall and online at Be sure to check the lists before you set items out. There’s also information on where to take items that crews won’t pick up.

Last year, city crews picked up 306.2 tons of items, almost 100 tons more than the 209.3 tons picked up in 2017.

It’s a good time to clear out things you don’t want. The service is free. Make the most of it.

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