As people sit down to have their Thanksgiving meal, the day is focused on being with others and being thankful. There are, in the midst of our challenges, reasons to be grateful and thankful.

We’re thankful for people, businesses and organizations who work together to help provide a Community Thanksgiving Dinner for others to enjoy. Whether it’s donations of food and money or volunteers who help serve, entertain or clean up, people make the holiday special for those who will enjoy the free meal given to anyone.

We’re thankful for those who help others in need. Whether it’s massage therapists raising money for the Community Action Weekend Backpack For Kids Program to volunteers assembling meals for Kiwanis Against Hunger to others who help ring the bell for the Salvation Army, people step up and help their community.

We’re thankful for our leaders in local government who work to make life better for their fellow residents. They may not be appreciated for the work that they have to do and the difficult decisions they have to make, but they are working to solve problems that may not have easy solutions.

We’re thankful for agencies and staff who are available for our loved ones in their time of need. The James River Senior Center and local nursing homes/assisted living facilities provide important care and services for our loved ones when we can’t.

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We’re thankful for emergency personnel who are always available when we need them. Police, fire, deputies and ambulance employees respond to emergencies regardless of time of day or holiday.

On this Thanksgiving may you have many reasons to give thanks.

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