Giving Hearts Day is Thursday, Feb. 13, and it’s the perfect opportunity to give to a nonprofit right here in Jamestown.

Giving Hearts Day is co-sponsored by the Dakota Medical Foundation, Impact Foundation and the Alex Stern Family Foundation. Held for 24 hours, donors can go to one website, choose the nonprofit organizations in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota that they would like to financially support and donate. Simple.

How significant are even small donations? Consider that in 2019, 477 nonprofits raised a total of $16.3 million within 24 hours, according to the Impact Institute. There were 67,765 donations by 30,675 individual donors. Since the event began in 2012, more than $70 million has been raised, the institute said.

The Impact Institute was founded by the Dakota Medical Foundation and the Alex Stern Family Foundation in 2005, according to It works to help nonprofits not only raise funds but also to help them learn to more effectively fundraise through training, coaching and assessment. Organizations that participate in Giving Hearts Day have to register each year and meet specific criteria. They must also raise at least $4,000 in matching funds.

So what local nonprofits are taking part? There are a number of them. They include those that provide care for others such as Alpha Opportunities, Anne Carlsen Center, Ave Maria Village, the Salvation Army and Jamestown Regional Medical Center Foundation.

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Related to education, the University of Jamestown, St. John’s Academy and Valley City State University Foundation are participating.

Along with that are other organizations including Elks Camp Grassick, James Valley Youth for Christ, Jamestown Gymnastics, Freedom Resource Center and Service Dogs for America.

These are just a few of the worthy entities that are participating in Giving Hearts Day. Along with these, there are many more that provide services in the Jamestown area and in other communities as well as across the state.

Thinking about donating? Go to today.

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