Although there is a coronavirus pandemic this year that has changed many Memorial Day observances, it has not changed what we can do on this day wherever we are: pause, remember, be grateful.

Memorial Day has a long history of honoring the fallen servicemen and women who gave their lives for the freedoms that Americans hold dear.

American servicemen and women have a longer history of making those selfless sacrifices.

Every spring a single day is set aside to honor those men and women. This year, the ceremonies and events will have a different look due to the cautions of the coronavirus pandemic. That doesn't change the fact that the day honors those who have died in service to their country.

Memorial Day is still far more important than being the unofficial first day of summer or a three-day weekend for boating, fishing or grilling out. It is a time to remember sacrifice and freedom and what both mean in today's world.

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Smaller, outdoor ceremonies are planned in some communities including Jamestown. Take part, respecting social distancing and other precautions, if you feel comfortable doing so. Or simply remove your hat and put your hand over your heart for the flags that fly over the service members' graves by yourself or with your family.

The military members of the past are testimony to the fact that freedom isn't free. Those sacrifices have not ended. U.S. men and women continue to serve today all over the world and at home, placing themselves in harm's way when needed.

We're grateful for those who have died in service to their country and those who serve their country today.

Remember them on Memorial Day - and beyond.

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