Thankful on this Thanksgiving holiday

Here are a few things to be thankful for this holiday.

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Thursday is Thanksgiving, a day people spend with others, enjoying food and time together. Here are a few things to be thankful for this holiday related to Jamestown and Stutsman County.

  • Thank you to the volunteers who plan and execute the Community Thanksgiving Dinner in Jamestown each year. This year’s dinner is on Thursday, Nov. 24, and people will get their meals through a delivery or drive-thru process in the alley at Concordia Lutheran Church. We are thankful for the donors who make the free meal possible, those who prepare it and those who will deliver or hand the meals out on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Thank you to individuals, businesses and organizations that stepped up to donate food to local food pantries recently. The Salvation Army closed for a few days last month because its inventory was depleted. But efforts by those individuals, businesses and organizations have helped replenish those supplies and ultimately helped those in need of food. And thank you to those who donate at any time of year because hunger doesn’t happen just during the holiday season.
  • Thank you to employers for providing businesses and jobs in Jamestown and Stutsman County communities and to the employees who work in those jobs. Businesses and workers are necessary to have a vibrant community that keeps and attracts people.
  • Thank you to those who serve in elected government positions or as volunteers on government or other local boards. These are people willing to take on extra work to help their communities, people who do not always have easy decisions to make.
  • Thank you to those who serve in the military for their service and to our veterans who have served. We’re grateful for your dedication to our country and to protecting our freedoms.
  • Thank you to essential workers and especially those who are working this holiday including law enforcement and ambulance and medical personnel. Emergencies happen at any time and we are fortunate to have help when it’s needed, whether it’s an accident, fire or medical emergency. Essential workers are also caring for our loved ones this holiday in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals.

Thank you and happy Thanksgiving!
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The Community Thanksgiving Dinner was held on Nov. 23, Thanksgiving Day.