Your Jamestown 2019 kite festival -- what a wonderful celebration Parks and Recreation puts on for the whole community. We discovered it's been a 25-year commitment. Very impressive.

The community came out to enjoy it even on overcast and potentially rainy days. They really get into it. The community should feel proud of all the time and effort Parks and Recreation commits to such a unique and wonderful event. There are very few communities that get to experience such an event.

Mike Gee and Chris Dodson of the Wings on Strings Kite Club have assembled a great team of committed kiters from all over the country to put on wonderfully diverse displays the people of Jamestown would never see without your festival. To give you a feel of how wonderful we feel the festival is to the community, we have made the 2,200-mile round trip to your festival from Taos, N.M., since 2009, 10 years, to share our Mega Banners ground displays.

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We'd like to express our thanks individually to each Parks and Recreation board member: Mindi Schmitz, Ron Olson, Mike Landscoot, Mark Ukestad and Mike Soulis.

You make the community proud. A special thanks to Doug Hogan, who gets it set up and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Awesome work, Doug, year after year.