On Aug. 2, a letter to the editor was written by Candace Gums of Jamestown about murals that would make Jamestown more inviting. It reminds me of the time in around early 2000 and 2007 I went around town with the promotion to have life-size painted buffalo sponsored by businesses, city, The Arts Center, National Buffalo Museum, Chamber of Commerce and more to place them around as we are called the Buffalo City. At that time I was told there was no money and no interest in the project.

Fargo beat us to the project to promote the Bison of North Dakota State University ... a huge success.

Candace Gums has a great idea to pass on to Jamestown, murals to tell our story to new people (tourists), new money. Maybe even accent it with buffalo and statues of our town's founders and notables, etc. Jamestown has Frontier Village, National Buffalo Museum, Fort Seward, Stutsman County Museum, Jamestown Reservoir, parks, Talking Trials, Arts Park, etc. Accent what we have, spend some tax money to promote a tourist destination that will bring people to Jamestown on their way to the new Theodore Roosevelt Library! The governor of North Dakota has a project for Main Street small towns - this could qualify for some grants or funds to get this done!

We are changing Main Street Jamestown to be more pedestrian friendly - new tourists may be more friendly to Jamestown, if we gave them more to see and do to spend their money at our restaurants, hotels, Civic Center, library, gift shops, etc., all Jamestown businesses will benefit. Spend some time and money to create a tourist destination that will add new income to pay our fees and taxes.

Good tourist towns do not have empty storefronts and buildings.

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We have a good start at putting some attractions together, let's finish the job. The property owners would not be the piggy bank for more fees and taxes. A good executed plan to bring the tourists to enjoy our town and spend money, these are new dollars and lots of them if done right.

Newman Signs does print murals, any size, right here in Jamestown.

Thank you Candace Gums and Keith Norman for your articles about fees and taxes. More of us need to tell our elected officials of the possiblities of cash flow and less fees and taxes. Less is better! The football is in your hands ... run with it!