We had the opportunity to visit Jamestown last week after having moved away in 2010. Wow. So many improvements to a great city. All the construction south of the interstate was good to see. Several businesses have refreshed their appearance and new ones have opened. The university looks great with the perfect landscaping, new buildings and another one on the way (UJ Place, what a great concept!). Jamestown Country Club is still beautiful and so well kept. The new greens will be a tremendous improvement. But when we accidentally found the Hansen Arts Park on a Thursday evening in the summer, that was special. Besides the music and vendors, it was a treat to see old friends enjoying the evening and witness a remarkable use of space! Congratulations to The Arts Center staff, board and funders. Hope the community garden has lived on in another spot.

We got to check IDK German pizza off our list and sample Johnny B’s. We missed knoephla day at the Depot but had a little trainwreck and once again ran into several old neighbors and friends. I believe we even had a celebrity sitting at the Depot, John Steiner, but he didn’t have a camera in hand so weren’t sure. It took four stops but we even found Dakota Pride barley soup mix and at Sabir’s Buffalo Grill we met a terrific young wait staff person who is named for a North Dakota landmark. Of course, we took a mandatory picture of the 60-year-old giant buffalo. The relatives with us from “back East” were duly impressed.

No community is perfect but residents of Jamestown have so much to be proud of in their progressive community. We’ll be back for a special wedding next summer and look forward to it already.

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