Gun violence has become the norm in our country. This past weekend, two mass shootings happened within a 13-hour period of time.

According to CBS News, so far in 2019, our country has had 255 mass shootings. Sadly, this number is just a fraction of the shootings that happen in America.

I had foolishly thought after the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 26 people were killed, including 20 six- and seven-year-olds, that the people we have chosen to go to Washington to make laws that are supposed to protect us would do just that. How could anyone look at the faces of those innocent children that had been gunned down and not want to make common-sense gun laws?

Instead, we have congressmen and women who bow down to the NRA and who do not have the backbone to stand up to a president who calls white supremacists "very fine people" and laughs when his supporters say immigrants should be shot.

To the men and women of Congress who will not support gun control measures, your lack of action is shameful and sickening.

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To Sens. Kevin Cramer and John Hoeven and Rep. Kelly Armstrong, I ask this: What words would you like me to use when I try to explain to a child why our government can't make gun laws to protect us? What words could I possibly use to justify your inaction?