In response to the Grand Forks Herald editorial in Wednesday's paper, every American should make known to all politicians that illegal aliens who illegally cross the border of our republic are illegal invader aliens and criminals not immigrants. Why, why is it the responsibility of this republic and American taxpayers to allow and support the illegal invasion across any of our borders?

Certainly, Democrats want illegals to break the law and enter our republic and say loudly, "Let's look the other way and not prosecute these 'poor' immigrants." Their posture and words are a total farce to the oath they have taken. What is the difference between these Democrats and their voiced assistance to lawbreakers and somebody who is charged as an accomplice to a crime just by being present or knowing somebody was going to commit that crime? Democrats even want the taxpayer to support these illegal law breakers. They are just as guilty as the illegal invader alien and deserve the full force of the law to fall upon them as well as the illegal! Certainly so!

If this nation is a republic of laws then let sanctuary cities, states and individual supporters of illegal invader aliens - senators, representatives, mayors, colleges, anybody who support the breaking of our laws be punished as a lawbreaker. Don't let Julian Castro and the Democrats decriminalize illegal entry to this country. Make the penalty stronger and tougher. Then enforce the law and remove the illegal and their supporters.

Our nation should welcome legal immigrants with open arms but forcefully prosecute every illegal invading alien of every age and their supporters to the fullest extent of the law. Look at the mess with the Democrat supported "Dreamers." These illegal invaders want free citizenship. Let them serve six years of active duty in the U.S. Army only as an 11Bravo infantryman. If they are unwilling to serve, adios and ship them across the border with the clothes on their back. How many natural born citizens of our great republic of laws have served their country and how many have paid the ultimate price? Too many to have lawbreakers have free reign and free everything at our expense.

A final question we as citizens must ask ourselves.:Are we a nation, a republic of laws or are we an anarchy where some can act as they please at the expense of everyone else?