In the wake of yet another wave of mass shootings, there are the usual reactions. Calls for stricter gun control on the left and asinine childish cliches from the right.

The truth is, these mass shootings are beneficial to the weapons and ammo industry. Every weapon purchased and bullet fired is profit for that industry no matter how their products are used. Furthermore, every time a mass shooting occurs, it reignites the hysteria among gun fanatics who then go out and buy more guns and more ammo out of fear that the government is going to take all their guns away.

This tragic epidemic is a predictable outcome of a gun-crazed society where guns are worshipped and considered sacred. The clear message is that in order to be a real American and a real man, you must have a gun, and guns are the answer to all problems. All these mass shooters are doing is acting on that message.

Many other countries have far less gun violence, but I don't think it's solely because of stricter gun laws. I think it's because other countries do not worship guns or rely on them as part of their male identity. For example, Japan only had three gun deaths in 2017 versus the United States that had over 15,000 the same year.

What it boils down to is that the almighty firearm is more important than human life in this country. And that attitude is being aggressively defended by the National Rifle Association (NRA), the Republican Party and the weapons and ammo industry and justified through a perverted interpretation of the Second Amendment. Until that changes, what other possible outcome than an epidemic of mass murder should we expect?