By Brian Lang | Buchanan, N.D.

Our veterans have fought and died alongside the Kurds of Iraq and Syria. Together we defeated Saddam Hussein and ISIS. Monday our president decided to permit Turkey to invade Syria and murder our friends. The alternative is to simply have our 1,000 soldiers in Syria remain where they are currently stationed. Their mere presence makes it impossible for Turkey to commit this atrocity.

I encourage each of you to ask a veteran about his or her experiences with the Kurds. Listen to their stories. And if you come to respect our Kurdish comrades-in-arms as a I do, please consider calling your representatives; John Hoeven (2020-224-2551), Kevin Cramer (202-224-2043), Kelley Armstrong (202-225-2611), President Trump (202-456-1111). Please help encourage the president to change his mind before our friend are killed by the Turkish army.

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