By Joe Richardson | Fargo

“North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer, also a Republican, said he was surprised by the decision [allowing Turkey to invade Syria and kill our Kurdish allies, thousands of whom died fighting ISIS] but that he doesn't think it was a mistake. He added that America's European allies are not doing their fair share of work and that the U.S. has to stop playing referee in certain foreign conflicts.”

-InForum, October 10, 2019, "Kurs in Fargo-Moorhead anxiously watch Turkish strikes in Syria," by Matt Henson.

The above from the online InForum is a stunning statement of betrayal justified with tortured logic and a clear misunderstanding of why we were fighting ISIS. How many bills has Sen. Kevin Cramer authored or even publicly suggested to stop our engagement against ISIS? Zilch. How many times has Cramer voted against appropriations to support and arm the Kurds? Zero. Argued against them? Zero. I am appalled and disgusted by his “playing” characterization.

Every American soldier killed in the Mideastern wars has family now being told by a U.S. senator that the sacrifice was merely for “playing referee.” Eleven thousand loyal and courageous Kurds have died helping us fight ISIS in Syria. Our president is invested in a reported 119 Turkish companies – the largest concentration of his assets in Europe. President Trump has a most peculiar affinity for Russian President, ex-KGB master, Putin. Compromised? Russia has a keen interest in supplanting the U.S. in its leadership role in the region.

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Erdogen wins. Putin wins. Trump serves both Turkey, home of his investments, and his very strange Russian interests. Cramer applauds and America losses trust and influence for decades.

When selecting those who represent us in the United States Senate, let this be an example of why we so seriously need to take more care.