By Margaret Bitz | Fargo, N.D.

For the Democrats to blather about “who can beat Trump” is an exercise in narrow-sightedness. The more Trump supporters hear that, the more they will choose to vote for him again.

What our country needs right now is to be presented with a much bigger vision, i.e., how this country can be united for the good of all. It seems to me that the best presidential candidate for doing this is Amy Klobuchar. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are both so strident that even if they did win the presidency, the Republicans would fight them all the way. On the other hand, Klobuchar has shown during her time in the Senate and with her comments during the presidential debates that she can work with Republicans. Anyone who can do that will unite the country. I believe that’s what Republican and Democratic members of both the House and Senate want. Here’s hoping that both Republicans and Democrats will vote for Amy to become the Democratic nomination for president.

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