By Vicki Voldal Rosenau | Valley City, N.D.

I remember saying to someone, about 360 days ago, “God help us - he’s going to kill us all.”

Having just been uplifted by today’s Gina McCarthy/John Kerry press conference on the climate crisis, I now realize that he almost did kill us off. Not by the nuclear-button Armageddon I’d been fearing, but, rather, by the crushing demoralization that he instilled in us, the American people.

The contrast was breathtaking between the toxic railing, slandering and fear-mongering that relentlessly pummeled our souls for four long years, and the intelligent, science-based problem-solving that raised my broken spirit this morning, word-by-word, as McCarthy and Kerry spoke directly and truthfully about our greatest crisis.

After trying my best for 50 years to fulfill a citizen’s responsibilities, I had nearly succumbed to the black hole of the past four years. But the restorative powers of the honest intellect and sincere statesman(woman)ship demonstrated today have rekindled my readiness to be an active citizen.

That is all America needs from any of us. And she needs it now from all of us.

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